In 1966, the first incident of a forced conversion of a Unification Church member took place, led by Rev. Satoshi Moriyama (Jesus Christ Church in Japan, Ogikubo Eikou Church).

On July 7th of the following year, the Asahi Shimbun newspaper launched a media campaign of criticism, known as the "Principle Movement brings parents to tears." Parents and relatives, who became anxious due to these reports, connected with Rev. Moriyama, and received guidance from him. This led to a surge in the number of kidnapping and confinement cases.

When the families of the church members receive guidance from the anti-Unificationists, they become even more worried and eventually, they end up cooperating with such ministers and former church members, to plan the forced conversion of Unificationists.

As some specialized knowledge, for example, related to The Bible, is needed to persuade a member to leave the Church, such parents of Unificationists usually receive approximately half a year, to even several years of education under these ministers and former members who specialize in conversion, while awaiting the turn of their child to come.

Anti-Unificationist ministers and former members have spearheaded forced conversions through kidnapping and confinement for years; yet, they have strongly denied their involvement with "abduction and confinement." The reason for this, is to conceal the fact, that they are carrying out criminal acts.

However, no matter how one tries to conceal something, the truth is revealed in some way. Rev. Mamoru Takazawa (independent, Christian Kobe Makoto Church), who appeared as a witness for the plaintiff in the Kobe District Court in 1996, in the so-called "Return my Youth case," gave a testimony, which bears out the fact that he was involved in kidnapping and confinement.

This publication reveals the fact that anti-Unificationist ministers initiated abduction and confinement, based on the records of statements by Rev. Takazawa, made at the Kobe District Court (dated January 23, March 26, May 21 and July 9, 1996).

In the book, Touitsu Kyoukai Kyuushutsu to Rihabiliteishon (Unification Church: Rescue and Rehabilitation), (Inochi no Kotoba-sha, Sept. 20, 1994), authored by Tamiya Taguchi, who has spearheaded forced conversion by abduction and confinement, the specific methods of confinement are described in detail. This book supports the fact, that parents and relatives who resorted to kidnapping and confinement did so, receiving instructions from anti-Unificationist ministers and former members. One story behind it, is that because the book so plainly describes how to incarcerate a person, after it was published and put out in the book stores nationwide in Japan, the opposition side panicked, and hastily recalled the volumes in circulation.

In this article, we have included the testimony of a father who was incited by anti-Unificationist ministers, and kidnapped and confined his daughter. After attempting to convert her, the father was guided to believe in the Unification Church. He ended up paying large amounts of money to the opposition minister for the attempts at forced conversion. Today, he regrets deeply that he kidnapped and incarcerated his own child, instigated by these ministers.

It is our sincere hope that the readers will understand clearly, the criminal nature of the anti-Unificationist ministers and former members involved in such operations.

Mamoru Kamono
Director, Public Relations Department
Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity

January 30, 2010

Japan Victims' Association against Religious Kidnapping & Forced Conversion