We appeal to eradicate religious kidnapping and forced conversion against believers of the Unification Church
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In order to resolve the religious kidnapping and confinement issue, the assailants need to be legally prosecuted. This has not been done so far and we would like you to send your opinions and suggestions concerning this problem to the Ministry of Justice.

Opinions and suggestions concerning law administration:

Opinions and suggestions concerning law administration:


Opinions and suggestions concerning the Police Department:


Requesting consultation concerning human rights violation:

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Contact them by phone:
Ministry of Justice:03-3580-4111

List of Addresses of Legal Affairs Bureau (HQ and local):http://www.moj.go.jp/MINJI/minji10.html

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    Mr. Kazuhiro Yonemoto, a reporter, documents the truth about PTSD victims as a result of kidnapping and confinement.

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    This book reveals the cruel actions of lawyers, pastors, and media people, in their real names.

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    This book is a compilation of booklets, pamphlets and information uploaded on websites.

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