We appeal to eradicate religious kidnapping and forced conversion against believers of the Unification Church



'Tour de Cause' ~Texas~

'Tour de Cause' - Freedom Riders crossing across the American Continent, State of Texas.

A video report is available from the youngsters now cycling across the American Continent with their challenge against the religious kidnapping and confinement in Japan.

Here is the video!

The video shows a rally in Dallas, Texas, as well as the pair being welcomed by a local Baptist Church community.

Tour De Cause

Two cycling young men are heading to Los Angeles, California, about 2,300 miles (3,680km) away from their start in Atlanta, Georgia, on December 15th 2011. (Expected arrival in the destination: January 30th 2012)

Their cause of the tour is to disseminate the problem of religious kidnapping and confinement occurring in their mothers' nation Japan. (end of this document) 

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