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“Dear Mr. K’s Parents…”/ “Tearful letter” written by a missing UC member’s fiancé

The fiancé of Mr. MK (32), a UC member living in the Nagoya city who has been missing since early September 2011 wrote a letter to Mr. MK’s parents.

Mr. MK and Ms. Ágnes at the International Holy Blessing Ceremony (2005, Korea)

Mr. MK and Ms. Ágnes holding hands and leaning on one another

See below for detail on this case which is now under police investigation.


Mr. MK was engaged to a Hungarian woman Ms. Jámbor Ágnes in the UC’s International Holy Blessing Ceremony held in Korea in 2005.  Because there is possibility of Mr. MK getting involved in religious kidnapping and confinement, Ms. Agne’s letter to Mr. MK’s parents shows concern for MK’s safety.

Dear Mr. K’s parents,

I do not think you know me, so let me first introduce myself.

I am Jámbor Ágnes from Hungary.

I joined the Unification Church in 1999. I am now devoted to church activities in Szeged, but am trying to get a job in another country in order to prepare myself to visit Mr. K in Japan.

In around 1998 when I started learning the Divine Principle, I used to live with my brother’s family because my parents have already passed away. I felt inferior and it did not take long for me to move out to a dormitory house managed by the church.

The dormitory house in a city called Webcam was closed and moved to Szegad in 2001 where I live today. Since then, I have devoted myself in church activities and have served as staff in many workshops. I enjoyed deepening my relationship with God day by day, and I loved the family-like relationships with other church members.

In 2005, autumn, I decided to participate in the Holy Blessing Ceremony. Back then, I promised God that I will fulfill the marriage blessing and build an ideal family that will meet God’s Will. My determination was as firm as if there was no other choice.

Although I felt it was special grace when I heard that Rev. Moon was gathering all of the candidates to Korea to match them directly in person, I also thought, “What if I get matched with somebody from a distant country like Japan.” But the moment I met Mr. K, I felt peace of mind. When Rev. Moon encouraged us to hold hands, I felt happiness and was filled with the comfort of standing by his side.

What impressed me was his affectionate behavior. He always helped me with my bag and held my hand in a caring manner. When I was guiding my friend who is visually impaired, I was moved by his profound concern not only for me but also for my friend. I felt that no one can be as sincere as he because it is not easy to behave like that in front of somebody you meet for the first time.

When it was time for us to return to our nations, he was about to cry because it seemed like our separation will become long. I was also sad to say good bye and cried. For me, the days I spent in Cheongpyeong (where the marriage ceremony was held) was truly a “miracle”.

After that, we were not able to meet each other until 2008. I was in Switzerland for church activities and Mr. K was also very busy in Nagoya. I called him and we talked for about an hour every week. He always gave me strength and courage. I also tried to encourage him and sent letters and post cards to tell him about the place I live and to share the beautiful scenery. I have had difficulties in contacting him since last year, but I am praying for him every day.

The two of us planned to start our married life in Japan at the end of 2009. For this, we worked to save our marriage funds and also started to gather information for proper marriage procedure. But this plan did not work out because both of us lost our jobs. Since then, we were not able to prepare our environment up to this day.

No matter how thick a wall may blocks us, my heart will not change. I hope and pray that we will stick with the marriage blessing and never part by enduring this challenge.

I have always been worried of not being able to know enough about his livelihood. Even today, I feel restless. It is hard to keep strong faith and keep yourself in shape when fatigue and stress build up at a new work place. Although I could not do anything but pray, I will always do my best to support him. I love him and I cannot even imagine my future without him. This may sound like an exaggerative line from a romance movie, but there is no other way to express it.

I am worried about him. I want to protect him and save him from all bad things. I miss him. I cannot forget his smile and warm embracement. These memories have always given me strength and hope for the future.

I do not know how Mr. K feels today, but my plan and hope is to save money to visit Japan and meet him as soon as possible. Although it seems impossible now, this is what I dearly wish. I am simply worried about him and I love him and miss him. My greatest wish is to build a loving family where the two of us can feel love and peace in comfortI am now 31 years old and I sincerely hope to have a family with my beloved husband and children, and I want to fulfill this dream with Mr. K.

Frankly speaking, I do not want to lose him.

This has become very long, but I think this is all I can tell you for now.

May there be God’s love and guidance so that you will understand me and Mr. K’s heart.

With love from Hungary.
Jámbor Ágnes

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