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Monthly 'Zaikai Nippon' (March edition) follows 'Stalker Trial'

Monthly 'Zaikai Nippon' (March edition), in its 'Series: Japan's Human Rights', examined 'the stalker trial' which found Mr. Takashi Usami guilty on December 27th 2011.

The four-page article was entitled "Injustice done by following prosecution's narratives - the accused blames: the abduction and confinement ignored - Guilty verdict with probation on stalker charges". As such, the article charges and exposes the unfair nature of the guilty decision.

The article particularly pointed out: the court did not accept any of the material evidences of abduction and confinement, which the accused repeatedly aserted to be behind the case, such as books, magazine articles and victims' written statements. Besides, the article claimed that "There were many moments when the court acknowledged as facts those references that were not yet certain."

It concluded that: "Given these particulars and the judgment which looked like following blindly the prosecutors' scenario, it is no wonder that the supportors of the accused Mr. Usami criticized the decision in harsh words like 'The trial with a foregone conclusion' or 'Injustice was done!'"  

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