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'Mind Control' frenzy over Comedian Nakajima

In a case against Miss Tomoko Nakajima (40 years old), one of the popular comedian pair OCELO, who alledgedly had illegally occupied an apartment for her office, the Tokyo District Court on 28th February decided in favor of two real estate agencies, who had demanded evacuation of the apartment and rent payments.

Because of media frenzy focusing on a female fortuneteller allegedly abusing 'mind control' technique to influence Miss Nakajima spiritually and physically, Nakajima's behaviors as a whole have been viewed in line with a cult or a mind control issue.

However, some religious scholars warned that the excessive adoption of the mind control theory without establshing its concrete definition could make the issue too shallow, or even lose its essence.

(An article in AGORA 'Is Brainwashing feasible?' : By Hiromi Shimada, religious scholar and writer / http://agora-web.jp/archives/1434957.html) 
There is an ominous possibility that a deprogramming practice, even by employing physical constraint, may be agitated as the only means of relieving 'mind control'.

Below link will show a paper publicized in 1999 by the Nanzan Institute on Religious Culture.  

Nanzan Institute on Religious Culture, Journal No.9

'A perspective on Cults - American debates on Mind Control', by Manabu Watanabe (Professor, Faculty of Literatures, Nanzan University)


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