We appeal to eradicate religious kidnapping and forced conversion against believers of the Unification Church



HRWF's report now available in Japanese

Since February 22nd, a Japanese translation of 'Japan: Abduction and Deprivation of Freedom for the Purpose of Religious De-conversion', a report by Human Rights Without Frontiers int´l, is now available on its website. Its English original was published on December 31st 2011 by this  internationally-acclaimed human rights NGO as a result of its investigative efforts on kidnapping, confinement and forced deconversion in Japan.

<Japanese edition>

Japan: Abduction and Deprivation of Freedom for the Purpose of Religious De-conversion


<English edition>

Japan: Abduction and Deprivation of Freedom for the Purpose of Religious De-conversion

In a press release announcing the report, Mr. Aaron Rose, international human rights expert and former Secretary General of the International Helsinki Human Rights Federation, and Mr. Willy Fautre, director of HRWF, harshly criticized Japan for its negligence over human rights violations as follows:
"The facts that abduction victims were not protected equally by law and that abduction perpetrators were never punished constitute grave breach of Japan's constitutional rights and the international human rights norms which Japan is supposed to abide by."

"It is utterly unacceptable that all the complaints against parents and deprogrammers were rejected on the ground of insufficient evidence for prosecution."

"If the authoriities display such rampant negligence and unwillingness to punish criminals, Japan cannot claim to guarantee freedom of religion."

HRWF, established in 1989 and headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, is listed as one of the most authoritative human rights organizations in Europe. Since its inception, it has focused on monitoring human rights conditions, investigation as well as promotion of democracy and rule of law. Earlier, it drew world attention by submitting 'Report on People's Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea)' for the Universal Periodical Review (UPR) at the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2009. In the field of religious freedom, it produced investigative reports on deprivation of religious rights regarding draft rejection by members of the Jehovah's Witness in South Korea as well as on China's suppression on Falun Gong followers. In recent years it concentrates on subjects like religous freedom, human traffickings, linguistical rights of minorities and children's rights.

"An American human rights organization which had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize twice, American Enterprize Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI), issued a statement on January 2010 to the Japanese government, the Diet, prosecutors, police and human rights organizations, demanding an immediate action to halt the kidnapping and confinement. With the latest report from an European body, West's authoritative human rights organizations voiced together their concern and regrets about the forced deconversion taking place in Japan.

Preparation of this report was inspired when Mr. Aaron Rose came to Japan in July-August 2010 as a participant of 'the European Leadership Conference and Fact Finding Tour' (organized by UPF), whose objectives included inquiry into human rights violation in Japan. At that time, he heard testimonies directly from some of the victims of abduction and confinement including Mr. Toru Goto who heads the Victims' Association.

Mr. Aaron Rose conveyed his findings of Japan to his long-time associate, Mr. Willy Fautre, director of HRWF, which commenced the investigation in earnest.

Thanks to independent investigations by the third-party organizations, the issue of abduction, confinement and forced deconversion in Japan is being recognized more widely. But such incidents are still happening in Japan. We do hope that many more people can read the report and help end this terrible human rights abuse.

Online information concerning HRWF and its director, Willy Fautre, are available on the following sites:


1.On the Japanese website of an international non-profit organization 'United for Human Rights (UHR), HRWF is introduced as one of private organizations, together with well-known bodies such as Amnesty International, Children's Fund, Human Rights Center, Human Rights Watch, American Association to Enhance Colored People's Status, Simon Wizenthal Center. Please see below:


2.Chinese Falon Gong followers are strongly condemning China's human rights violations, especially in collecting living body organs from their members (2009). In their website, Mr. Willy who heads HRWF is introduced as promoting human rights and freedom of faith in the communist nations since 1970s. See the below website:


3. When the United Nations Human Rights Council conducted the Universal Periodic Review over North Korea, HRWF, jointly with North Korean Refugees Rescue Fund, submitted a pertinent report on April 20th 2009. It condemned that the North Korean regime did not protect its people's basic human rights in politics, society and economy, strongly demanding its further collaboration with the international community.


4. After the South Korean government forcibly deported Chinese Falon Gong followers out of South Korea to China, Mr. Willy Fautre, head of HRWF criticized the South Korean government on September 20th 2011. Its video script is available on Youtube, in which Director Willy is introduced as having invested a lot to improve human rights conditions in the communist nations over the years.

5. HRWF investigated circumstances where members of the Jehovah's Witness in South Korea had their rights for consciencious draft refusal violated. It criticized the human rights situation in South Korea. See the following site:


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