We appeal to eradicate religious kidnapping and forced conversion against believers of the Unification Church
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韓国大手テレビ局SBSの報道番組「ニュース追跡」が 2010年10月6日夜、「統一教 拉致監禁事件『キヨミ 13年ぶりの帰郷』」を放映し、大きな反響を呼んでいます。

  • Our unpleasant neighbors

    Mr. Kazuhiro Yonemoto, a reporter, documents the truth about PTSD victims as a result of kidnapping and confinement.

    ►Chapter 6 excerpts
  • Escape from kidnappers

    This book reveals the cruel actions of lawyers, pastors, and media people, in their real names.

    ►Book review
  • The Japanese Concentration Camp Islands

    This book is a compilation of booklets, pamphlets and information uploaded on websites.

    ►Book review