Sekai Nippo Newspaper (Aug. 3 - 5, 2010)

Urgent report - Missing fiancé

  1. “45 days since the disappearance, he may be kidnapped, a couple so much in love”

  2. Biased response / where is his will?

  3. Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department, Help me! / Dauntless fiancé

Sekai Nippo Newspaper (June 23 - 27, 2009)

Religious Kidnapping and Confinement: Violation of Religious Freedom

Mr. Goto was finally released from religious kidnapping and confinement in February, 2008. It was for the first time in more than a decade for him to walk outside from his own free will. His body weight that used to be 68kg (standing height 182 cm) before confinement decreased to 39kg by the time he was released. Being unable to stand on his own from extreme debility, he had to be supported as his body weight was taken on the digital weight scale. He was admitted to the hospital immediately, and is gradually regaining his strength. He lodged a criminal complaint against his mother, elder brother, his wife, younger sister, Mr. Miyamura, and minister Matsunaga for crimes of kidnapping and confinement, and the case has been sent to the prosecutor's office.

In this series, we will be citing the case of 3 other victims of religious kidnapping and confinement. We will give detailed reports on Mr. Goto's case later on.

  1. Toru Goto Kidnapped for 12 years and 5 months

  2. Systematic Deprogramming Exposed by Dr. Koide

  3. Mr. Soichiro Kobayashi . abducted 3 times

  4. The aftereffects suffered by Makito Nozoe

  5. Civil Group Founded to Abolish Deprogramming

Sekai Nippo Newspaper (August 15 - 18, 2009)

Sequel Religious Kidnapping and Confinement: Violation of Religious Freedom

Mr. Toru Goto (45) is one of the victims of religious kidnapping and confinement, which we had reported in series from June 23rd - 26th. He was under confinement for more than 12 years, being forced to give up his religious faith. Why did this happen? What actually happened? We will follow the case in detail based on Mr. Goto's testimonies.
  1. Forced to Convert in a Locked up Hotel Room

  2. Disguising Conversion: Reappearance of Forced Conversion Agents

  3. Severe Struggle under Confinement: State of Malnutrition when Released

Japan Victims' Association against Religious Kidnapping & Forced Conversion