Urgent report - Missing fiancé

3. Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department, Help me! / Dauntless fiancé

“Thank you very much for your support. Please help us.”

Mr. N, who is currently missing, has a fiancé, Miss Eriko Sugano. She was distributing flyers in front of the Metropolitan Police Department at Kasumigaseki, Tokyo on July 29. Not so many people were passing by this area. But she bowed deeply to each person who received the flyer.

“Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department, Help me!”

One month has passed, since my beloved fiancé disappeared suddenly.


We found out that my and my fiancé’s faith is the cause of his disappearance. The right of freedom of religion is assured in this country of Japan. Is it wrong believe in a certain faith? Those who are against our faith target us in order to make us renounce our faith by force. Our love relationship is being destroyed by those people. Is it allowed in this society? Isn’t this a criminal act?

Those who are against our faith have violently taken my fiancé away. They are confining him until he renounces his faith. They have been committing and will continue to commit this crime, because they know that the Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department is not going to take any action against them, so they know they are not going to be arrested.


The Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department! Please help me to get my small happiness back! Please restore our right to be happy.

Miss Eriko’s earnest pleading is expressed in the flyer addressed to the Chief of the Police, Katsuhiko Ikeda.

Now, Miss Eriko is visiting various people to find help in order to rescue Mr. N, such as human rights organizations, journalists and so on. She also has sent letters which describe the situation from the time of his disappearance up to the current moment. The letters have been sent to the Ministry of Justice, the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the National Public Safety Commission, the National Police Agency, the Metropolitan Police Department, the Bar Association in Japan etc.

She also wrote letters to Hilary Clinton, the Secretary of State of the United States, which is an advanced nation for human rights issues, as well as U.S. Ambassador John V. Roos. She even called the U.S. embassy to request support regarding this issue.

The general affairs office of the Agency for Cultural Affairs responded to her right away. They gave her a call directly. They said there was a great possibility that human rights were being violated caused by kidnapping and confinement in this reported case, particularly a violation of the freedom of religion and faith. However, the general affairs office can receive the report, but they have no authority to do anything more.

Miss Eriko is a persistent person since she was little. She is the first daughter of the Sugano family. She has parents, a younger sister (23) and younger brother (20). Her mother, Chieko, fully supports Miss Eriko’s challenge and told us about her.

“My husband’s company transferred him a lot. When he was asked to go to Akita, Eriko was in her first year of high school. My parents-in-law wished for the whole family to move together, but I was concerned about Eriko, because she was in high school and had friends there. Anyway, I was hesitant to make the decision whether to move together or ask my husband to go alone. She sensed that situation and she said she was happy to go to Akita with everybody. She has always been like that. She takes care of her younger sister and brother without me saying anything. In a way, she plays a leader’s role in our family.”

Both Mr. N and Miss Eriko are 25 years old. They are adults. Kidnapping and confining a mature individual is criminal, violating his or her fundamental human rights. Also, separating a loving couple (even supporting this separation), without regard for their will, with force and violence is a violation of their freedom to marry. I can see a couple of other violations such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion in this case.

Several other issues caused by the inappropriate action of the police are now, also, in the public’s eye. Police are supposed to have the duty and responsibility to protect the lives of citizens in accordance with the law and regulations.

This is another one of those cases, which makes us question whether they truly fulfill their duty and use their authority properly.

Miss Eriko is fiancé of Mr. N. She is the only person who is able to rescue him. Miss Eriko’s lonely battle continues.

Japan Victims' Association against Religious Kidnapping & Forced Conversion