'Abduction and Confinement' No.1
Beyond Pain and Despair

  1. Editor's Note

  2. The History of Forced Renunciations by Abduction and Confinement

  3. The Day Trip that Became a Ten-Year Nightmare
    A mother is driven to despair over disappearance of husband and daughter

  4. Abduction Leaves Lasting Trauma

  5. Confinement Tests Parental Bond

  6. Help Is Available

'Abduction and Confinement' No.2
What Were the Police Doing?

  1. Preface

  2. Suing your own parents to end abduction

  3. Abducted three times - Police involved in confinement

  4. Abduction and Confinement - Violation of Human Rights must be Forbidden

  5. Police tolerated confinement, twice

  6. Diet member Hinokida made unprecedented hearings at the Diet
    Diet member Jin Hinokida: "The police connived."
    Head of National Police Agency Setsuo Tanaka: "even among relatives...shall be dealt strictly.

Kidnapping and Confinement - the Evil / Foul Methods of the Anti-Unificationists, No. 3

  1. Foreword

  2. Methodology employed by anti-UC groups

  3. Unification Church Rescue and Rehabilitation, by Tamiya Taguchi
    Chapter 4 Rescue Operation from the Unification Church, Specific Methods

  4. "Having been taunted by the opponents, the parents could reconcile with their daughter after realizing truth about the Unification Church"

Japan Victims' Association against Religious Kidnapping & Forced Conversion