The Action Committee against Abduction and Confinement
Jan. 7, 2010

Mr. Toru Goto 12 City Speaking Tour in Korea and Testimony at the Interreligious Forum (Dec. 5~19, 2009)

Mr. Toru Goto went on a speaking tour in 12 Korean cities from Dec. 6~17, 2009, and also spoke at the Interreligious Forum. He previously testified at the Korean Headquarters Church during its services on Nov. 21~23, 2009. The Korean members were keen on hearing Mr. Goto’s testimony and welcomed him wholeheartedly wherever he went. Many were moved to tears when they heard his one-hour testimony.

After the events, meetings were held with victims living in Korea. The leaders of the Japanese wives in each region also attended the meetings. It became clear that there were also issues in Korea stemming from abductions and confinement in Japan. For example, there are still many families who cannot visit Japan because of fear of being confined, and some Korean husbands still suffer from psychological damage that was caused when their wives were abducted during their engagement period. We found that the suffering still continues for the families of the confinement victims.

On Dec. 17, the Interreligious Forum, sponsored by the Korean Religious Council, was held in Seoul with 100 religious leaders (Christians, Buddhists and Muslims) in attendance. A fifteen-minute summary of the abduction and confinement issue was given during the conference, followed by Mr. Goto’s testimony. After hearing his testimony, the participants showed indignation concerning this issue, beyond differences in their religious beliefs.

During his recent visit to Korea, Mr. Goto re-encountered the sister he had been educating 14 years earlier at the time he was abducted and confined. He was moved to see this sister matched to a Korean husband and having grown so mature in faith, and felt God’s hand in bringing them together again.

Dec. 5: arrive at Incheon Airport
Dec. 6: Guri, Suweon
Dec. 7: Incheon
Dec. 8: Kwangjin
Dec. 9: Tongdaemun
Dec. 10: Sun Moon University Cheonan Campus
Dec. 12: Taegu
Dec. 13: Pusan, Ulsan
Dec. 14: Jinju
Dec. 15: Kwangju
Dec. 16: Iksan
Dec. 17: Interreligious Forum
Dec. 18: visit the old HQ Church
Dec. 19: Leave from Kimpo Airport

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