The Action Committee against Abduction and Confinement
Jan. 14, 2010

The Establishment of the National Victims Group of Abduction, Confinement, and Forced Disavowal of Faith.

The Inaugural Rally for the National Victims Group of Abduction, Confinement, and Forced Disavowal of faith was held on Jan. 8, with Dr. Kook Jin Moon and his wife, at the Isshin Special Education Center in Urayasu City, Chiba. Around 230 people from around the country, including victims, their representatives and pastors attended the event. In this conference, Kook Jin Nim rallied to put an end to this "criminal act" of confining Unificationist members, pressing anti-Unificationists to repent for their actions, and emphasized the importance of giving moral support to the victims.

The National Victims Group was established to terminate abduction, confinement and forced disavowel of the Unification Church members faith, and to realize a fair society in which freedom of faith is guaranteed for everybody. The group will work hand-in-hand with the local victims groups to petition and appeal to public institutions concerning the confinement issue, and to give moral support to the victims.

The Rally began with the opening declaration made by the MC, Mr. Mamoru Kamono, head of the Secretariat for the Action Committee against Abduction and Confinement. Mr. Masayoshi Kajikuri, Executive Chairman of the Action Committee, stood at the podium to report that there were 4,300 victims of confinement in the last 43 years. He said that Kook Jin Nim urged us to "protect our brothers and sisters who are True Father’s family" and testified to the determination of True Family to resolve this issue.

Mr. Gentaro Kajikuri, the Action Committee Chairman, emphasized that "abduction and confinement is clearly a criminal act" and that "we must let society know of these abusive facts."

Mr. Toru Goto, who became the spokesperson for the National Victims Group, explained the series of events that took place after his release in February 2008, from 12 years and 5 months of confinement. He said "I feel that this project against abduction and confinement is God’s providence."

Mr. Goto testified about his experience in deep prayer immediately after his release, when he felt God cry out with indignation, "Now, it is time to fight back!" He also shared what True Father said when he was invited to have breakfast with him at the Cheon Jeong Gun Museum in November last year, during his visit to Korea; that "the church could develop because of these kinds of members who retained their faiths even in the midst of such severe persecution". Mr. Goto felt that True Father spoke these words to all of the victims of confinement who kept their faith throughout their sufferings.

Kook Jin Nim spoke next and encouraged all of the victims and participants who were there. Kook Jin Nim said "I believe that God was the one that filled Mr. Goto’s heart with righteous indignation. All brothers and sisters around the world must inherit this heart of righteous indignation." "We cannot let them continue this evil act anymore." He continued, "It takes greater love and compassion to face the evil-doers with righteous indignation so that they may realize what they are doing is actually evil." Dr. Kook Jin Moon said that we must expose the criminal acts of the anti-UC individuals who have taken the lead in confining Unificationists, to the entire world.

He also touched on the Exodus story of the Israelites and said "We have endured more than 40 years of suffering in Japan. God is guiding us now to liberate ourselves from those bonds. We must fight to obtain freedom and victory. If we fight with determination in truth and justice and with faith in God, we are sure to win victory."

On the other hand, Kook Jin Nim also mentioned that "there are many brothers and sisters who had been confined that still suffer from psychological damage. We must embrace them as the martyrs and saints of the Unificationist Family, who have endured great sufferings for us." He emphasized the importance of caring for and comforting the victims of abduction and confinement.

"We must embrace them as the martyrs and saints of the Unification Family, who have endured great sufferings for us"

Japan Victims' Association against Religious Kidnapping & Forced Conversion