We appeal to eradicate religious kidnapping and forced conversion against believers of the Unification Church
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Former diplomat, Writer Masaru SATO

Excerpt from “Introduction to Religious Theory (Leftward Shift) Nationalism and Theology”

It is wrong for some Christians to treat the Unificationists like enemies and attack them. It is important for both sides to have a right notion of the differences between traditional Christianity and the Unification Church and to respect each other’s faith. Among other things, it is never forgivable for one to force a Unificationist to convert his/her faith by kidnapping and abducting him/her. ...read more

Former Diet member, Japan Medical Association's advisor Jin Hinokida

Diet member Hinokida made unprecedented hearings at the Diet

In the International Human Rights Report compiled by the US State Department in 1999, it is reported that Japanese police systematically does not work on abduction, confinement, and injury cases, and that is bringing the very serious situation that Japanese police might lose its credit in the international society. ...read more

Hisayoshi Watanabe, Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University

My Opinion Concerning the Unreasonable Rejection of Toru Goto’s Complaint about His 12 Years’ Confinement ――To Be Submitted to the Committees for the Inquest of Prosecution

From their habituated treatment against UC members, one would think of deliberate overlooking of violence to undesirable street dwellers. This is not what is done in a civilized, law-abiding country. As Mr. Yonemoto emphasizes, what is taking place is not mere infringement of religious freedom. ...read more

Former President of the Religionists’ Forum in Miyazaki Sotoshu Monk
Dohki Mihara

Statement To those who were chosen to be lay judges for Mr. Toru Goto’s case,

I felt deep despair and grief to find out that Japan, although calling itself a cultured nation, has not acquired human decency, common sense in respect for human rights, or the basic attitude of democratic nation. What I can say as a person of faith is that even when we think from the perspective of deepening our understandings and harmonizing with each other, “religious kidnapping and forced conviction” is not a way to realize peace.。 ...read more

Daniel H. Garrett, Second Secretary, US Embassy Tokyo

US Embassy Daniel Garrett

Because This issue has not been fully resolved, we will continue to follow developments closely and urge the Japanese government to ensure that Unification Church membes are afforded the full protection of the law in practicing their faith. ...read more

Center for lnternotional Humqn Rights Law and Advocacy University of Denver Sturm College of Law Nicole Blake Lyells

school seal of University of Denver University of Denver

The use of forcible confinement to encourage religious conversion croosse the line between persuasion and impermissible coercion under the ICCPR. Thus, we contend that Japan has a duty to investigate the issue and to take measures to protect the religious rights of its citizens. ...read more

THE INSTITUTE on Religion and Pubric Policy

THE INSTITUTE THE INSTITUTE on Religion and Pubric Policy

These gross human rights violations threaten to stain Japan’s otherwise exemplary role in promoting and defending fundamental rights around the world. ...read more

Position Statement on the Kidnapping and Confinement Case of Mr. Toru Goto

Tadashi Murou (Religious Journalist)

If Japan was to mature as a democratic and law-abiding country, we must prevent the national sovereignty from covering up the locus of responsibility for kidnapping and confinement based on their arbitrary decisions and motives. ...read more

Written statement* submitted by the Universal Peace Federation, a non-governmental organization in special consultative status


That in order to eliminate such incidents from this country once and for all, the Japanese police investigate all those who have been involved in past cases of kidnapping and confinement and, where appropriate, bring charges against them. The case of Toru Goto in particular should be immediately re-opened and the perpetrators of the crimes against him should be brought to justice. ...read more

Human Rights Without Frontiers Int’l Japan Abduction and Deprivation of Freedom for the Purpose of Religious De-conversion

This report by Human Rights Without Frontiers (HRWF), an independent nongovernmental organization, documents the abduction and confinement of Japanese citizens for the purpose of religious de-conversion, and the failure of Japanese police and judicial authorities to investigate and prosecute those responsible for such cases of domestic violence. 。 ...read more

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