We appeal to eradicate religious kidnapping and forced conversion against believers of the Unification Church

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What is kidnapping, confinement and forced conversion?
It is an act of kidnapping people by violent, forcible, and deceitful means, cutting off communications with the outside world while attempting to break their faith and confining them until they renounce their beliefs. The majority of victims are followers of the Unification Church, totaling over 4,300. The main perpetrators include Christian ministers who regard the Unification Church members as “heretics”, and lawyers and journalists who are hostile to the Unification movement and the Victory Over Communism movement. They stir up the parents’ heart, making them insecure, and demand large sums of money in reward for assisting them “rescue” their children.


Trampled Human Rights

Korean SBS Documentary

Rally to “Protect human rights and freedom of faith in Japan”

Who took her life?

New Information
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Voices of knowledgeable people requesting solution to kidnapping and confinement cases

former diplomat and writer Yu Sato

It is wrong for some Christians to attack Unification members at the sight of one. It is important to understand the difference between traditional Christianity and the Unification Church, and to respect one another’s faith. ..Read more

Former Congressman Member of the Japan Medical Association Hitoshi Hinokida

In the last year’s International Human Rights Report of the U.S. Department of State, it was reported that in Japan, the police do not offer any help towards organized kidnapping and confinement cases, including those inflicting injuries on the victims. ..Read more

We are a private organization consisting of members of the Unification Church who were victims of religious kidnapping, confinement and forced conversion. We are spreading information, exposing the criminal acts of anti-Unification Church activists, and giving support to the victims, in order to put an end to this serious violation of human rights that has been continuing for over 43 years

>> Helpline

If you are a believer of the Unification Church and are afraid you may be in danger of being kidnapped, or if you have unfortunately already been kidnapped and confined and are suffering from after-effects such as PTSD, or if you are suffering because you cannot maintain a decent life of faith or proper human relationships because of the activities of anti-Unification Church activists, contact us. Click here for Helpline

  • Our unpleasant neighbors

    Mr. Kazuhiro Yonemoto, a reporter, documents the truth about PTSD victims as a result of kidnapping and confinement.

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  • Escape from kidnappers

    This book reveals the cruel actions of lawyers, pastors, and media people, in their real names.

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  • The Japanese Concentration Camp Islands

    This book is a compilation of booklets, pamphlets and information uploaded on websites.

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